How to join devices and sync data


How to Join Devices

  1. Open the app on your device and go to the More tab > Settings > Join & Sync Devices
  2. Enter the PIN found on the device you are joining
  3. Enter child name and birth details. If there are multiple children in the app you are joining, ALL children and details need to be entered on YOUR device and match the app you are joining.

    1. The most common issue that prevents devices from joining is that the child profiles don't match between devices (for example one device has child's first name and the other device has first and middle name). To check for this, tap the Child Selector in the top right corner of the app on all devices trying to join and sync.
    2. If you are joining a device that is tracking multiple children, you need to be sure your device has the same number of child profiles added and the details need to match exactly between devices prior to joining them together.
    3. At least one device needs to purchase the app in order for the join feature to work. Once one device purchases the app, the other device can join without having to pay for the app (see "Do I Have to Buy the App on All Devices?" section below for more information on this topic).

One you have successfully joined devices, you will see the same PIN in the app's Settings in each device.

How the Sync Process Works

The way the sync process works across devices is the following:

  • An entry is made on one device (device A)

  • Device B will update with the entry made on Device A automatically. In the event that notifications for the app are disabled for Sprout Baby (this can be changed in Apple's Settings > Notifications > Sprout Baby), device B will have to:

    a) "Pull to refresh" on any table or
    b) Close and open the app to refresh the app and view this entry

Do I Have to Buy the App on All Devices?

Below is information around installing Sprout Baby on other devices without having to pay for it again.

  • Devices Use Different Apple IDs:
    If one person has already paid for the app, you can have the other device download the "free trial" version of the app here. Then have this device go to More > Settings > Join Devices and follow the prompts and join the PIN of the device that has already paid for the app. The person joining the "paid" app won't have to pay for the app this way. Any data that has been entered on either device for a child profile will merge when the devices join and start syncing so no records will be lost.

    If the person trying to join gets a message stating they need to purchase the app to join a backup, email our support team with your PIN and we can fix this issue for you.

  • Devices Use the Same Apple ID:
    You can install Sprout on other devices without having to pay for it again as long as the other devices use the same Apple ID. If you have already purchased the app on one device, on the other devices, you can tap the "BUY" button in the top left corner of the app and then tap the "Restore Your Purchase" button. Enter your Apple ID info and then you'll restore your purchase onto this device.


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