New iPhone or iPad? How to restore data to your new device.

When you install the app on your new device, Sprout Baby should automatically connect you to your backup and you'll see your saved data. If you do not see your data, don't worry, you just need to get you re-connected to your backup.

If you have your old device:

  1. On your old device, open the app and go to More > Settings and record the PIN number
  2. On your new device open the app and go to More > Settings > Join Devices
  3. Enter or check your baby details
  4. Enter the PIN recorded in step 1
  5. Press the "Join" button

The app may need a few minutes to sync all your entries. If you can, please complete these steps while on a wi-fi connection and wait for the spinner to stop spinning.

If you don't have your old device:

Please email us from the app from More > Settings > Backup and Restore and tap the Support button, type in "New Device Restore" in the email body. We will get back to you with instructions.

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