Data has disappeared

If for some reason you no longer see any of your data in your app, we believe you are still connected to your backup and the data is restoring.

To restore your data:

  1. Open the Sprout Baby app and go to More > Settings > Backup and Restore and then tap the "Restore" button on your device. Please wait for the status spinner to stop spinning on this screen and do not to let the device go to sleep (it may take several minutes as it's syncing all your data).

If this doesn't work right away, you most likely have a very large backup and the restore process may be timing out on your network and you'll need to try this step several more times to sync and restore all the data and do not let the device go to sleep.

You also may need to close and reopen the app and do this again after about 15 minutes of seeing the status spinner spinning (rather than tapping the restore button once and waiting for several hours) since the sync process may be timing out on your network.

Please contact us at if you still don't see your data and we can get your data restored.

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